Lashes Extension

They say that the eyes are the windows to your soul. We say dress those windows with the finest lashes and the sexiest brows you can! Lash and eyebrow fashion have taken over the beauty industry. Open up any magazine or any social media application, and you’ll be hit with millions of images of the perfect brow and lashes. Lucky for us we have an expert that can take your eyes from pretty to WOW WOW WOW!!!!


H Hi! I am Sophia Chau Hoang, an established and experienced eyelash artist and make-up artist, who likes to make her clients ferocious! I create beautiful eyes and glamorous faces and I love EVERY MINUTE spent on a face.
Young dynamic, creative and passionate woman of the hairstyle. As a teenager, I colored and cut my friends’ hair. I was going completely in another direction in my studies, determined to my goals, I changed plans and I embarked on aesthetics and hairdressing. I love new challenges. Create and perfect my art my pleasure every day, I specialized in scanning. I have worked at several events such as; L’Oréal portfolio in 2017, Unpluggued and EC3 in 2018. Learn, I love. The hairstyle, I’m crazy about it.